Grey, my favourite colour

Grey is my favourite color
For then I am not forced to articulate confidence
On one issue or any other
I can dance around in the rhetorics
Of academics
Imprudently trying out  glasses, a motely assortment
Of shapes and shades and sizes
As if truth were a zocchihedron
One hundred ways to tempt my logic and fate
And however it obliged to roll today
Well, I might just comply
Gray is my favourite colour
Because you can spell it to different ways and not get in trouble
Two little a difference too be bothered
Grammatical spelling errors
Minor footholds
On the way up to the slippery slope
Ontologically irrelevant
Epistemologically blurred lines are
Blurred lines?
Perhaps these methods are flawed
Likely lead to this existential crisis
And the hurricane that went off in my brain
Rendering my retinoptic organization inept
And my heart a mess
Is my favourite color


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